Career Central Assess launches into Australian schools

by | March 24, 2021

Career pathway platform Career Central Assess has officially launched into Australian schools. After commencing pilots into schools during 2019, the online platform has steadily evolved its functionality and content to offer a streamlined and targeted cost-effective career assessment tool. The platform has a new portal designed specifically for Australian teens, with career quizzes, a job search database which is fully integrated with Job Outlook, skills, personal qualities and career values self-assessments, and, a CV builder.

Career Central Director Kate McBeath says the bespoke Career Central Assess platform has been refined based on feedback from participating schools.

“We’ve taken the most popular aspects of our comprehensive Career Central platform and created an assessment-oriented portal specifically for Australian schools. This streamlined design enables us to set a competitive price point and provide Y9-Y12 or Y10-Y12 options, while using the best technology available.”

“Our unique quizzes and self-assessments offer students insights into their talents and interests and connects them to career pathway and job market information. It is a favourite tool amongst our schools.”

Career Quizzes - Sample Results

Career Central now has more than 150,000 Australasian students engaging online with the platform’s intuitive design, customisation options and analytics the tool offers. In Australia subscriber schools are located in New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.

Key features of Career Central Assess for students include its popular occupational quizzes and assessments (Work Clusters Quiz, Future Pathways Assessment and Vocational Pathways Assessment); self-assessment modules (e.g. skills and values); job database; and CV builder. School staff have full administrative access to view student content, quiz results and saved jobs of interest, as well as group search, student data analysis and messaging functionality.

Career Quizzes - Sample Job Database

“I’d like to thank our participating schools for their invaluable support and feedback as we developed Career Central Assess to meet their needs and ultimately aid students into their career pathways. We’re extremely proud of Career Central Assess and how this will guide Australian teens on their journey to a fulfilling career,” Ms McBeath says.

Career Central has been operating in New Zealand since 2012 and Australia since 2019.

Career Central is cloud hosted, and has a localised installation running in Australia, on Amazon Web Services. Login is via username/password for Google, and Microsoft 365 sign on.

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