Careers Advisors

Careers Advisors can login to the staff dashboard to view student career information enabling targeted interaction and support, and, report on key statistics and group data.

With the features below, Careers Advisors can easily deliver personalised, school-wide career planning.

View each student’s responses from completed modules.

For deeper understanding and personalised career planning.

Student modules include:

  • Identifying personal qualities, careers values and skills.
  • Recording extracurricular activities, work expose and CV creation.


Access stats and lists with just a click!

Easily create data summaries to send to senior staff members or to assist with planning. For example, identify career pathways of greatest interest to support school course planning and career activities.

Group search and messaging

  • Message individuals and groups of students (you can even stay in touch with past students)
  • Search for and view similar groups of students to enable targeted, personalised communication as well as identify group commonalities at a glance.

Career Central Assess – the career quiz for Australian secondary school students.

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