Career Central Assess combines traditional career theory with up to date research on the future of work and occupational demand in an online quiz-style format.


Students Can:

  • Identify personal qualities, career values and skills.
  • Complete online career quizzes.
  • Browse, research and store jobs that they think will suit them.
  • Record extracurricular activities, work exposure activities, and, create a CV.
  • Message the Careers Team directly. 
  • Explore career resources and websites. 
  • Access student e-learning course. 

Careers Advisors Can: 

  • View each student’s individual responses from completed modules for deeper understanding and personalised career planning from the staff dashboard.
  • View career quiz results, and, career pathways and jobs of interest to students. 
  • Quickly search for and view similar groups of students to enable targeted, personalised communication. 
  • Generate student data stats and lists. 
  • Message targeted groups of students.
  • Access professional development opportunities.


Work Clusters Quiz

The Work Clusters Quiz utilises the research of Dr John Holland, and, the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) occupational cluster framework to identify broad career clusters for students that align with their preferences and interests. This is a short assessment (five to ten minutes to complete) with simple language and visual elements. Designed and developed in 2019, this quiz is suitable for junior students, or, students with English as a second language,


Future Pathways Assessment

The Future Pathways Assessment (FPA) is a deeper occupational assessment that provides students with ranked results against 27 pathways, as well as access to study and qualifications information, pathway research, and, extensive job data. The ANZSCO database and occupational demand data underpin the design. Suitable for capable students from Y9 to Y12, this assessment takes 15-20 minutes to complete.


Vocational Pathway Assessment

The Vocational Pathways Assessment(VPA) is a modified version of the FPA. This assessment utilises the same research base and occupational framework but results are focused on non-university pathways, job samples, and, vocational training options. The VPA is a great assessment to use with senior students who do not plan to pursue a university pathway when they leave school.

How Career Central Assess Can Help Students

Career Central Assess encourages young people to reflect on, and, rate their interest in a wide range of job-related tasks.

Benefits include:

  • Identification of future pathways that most closely match their interests;
  • Access to detailed information on a wide range of future pathways, enabling young people to broaden their understanding of the options available, and, make more informed future pathway decisions;
  • Access to information to support informed subject selection at school;
  • Access to information on a wide variety of education and training options;
  • Access to interesting resources and links to build their future pathway knowledge;
  • Action plan ideas to support exploration, skill development and aid decision making.


Simple Sign Up Process

Our sign up process will have you transforming your schools career education in 4 easy steps.

*Time frame is indicative only and is subject to each applicant’s individual pace. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up just one year level?

No. Career Central is billed on a roll basis (Y9 – Y12, or Y10 - Y12 inclusive), You are welcome to only use it with one-year level, however we find after a school as trialed the programme they almost always roll it out to other year levels.

Can all school staff access Career Central?

Access to Career Central for non-careers staff is given by the Careers Department on an individual basis.

What does it cost to subscribe?

Career Central charges an annual subscription fee on a roll basis (Y9 - Y12, or, Y10 - Y12). The price list provides more detailed information.

What if I sign up mid-way through the school year?

No problem, Career Central's annual subscription cost will adjust to how many school terms are left in the school year. An annual subscription will be charged for the full year thereafter.

Do I have to pay for updates?

No, all updates are automatic and free of charge. This means you always experience the best version of Career Central without any interruption.

Career Central Assess – the career quiz for Australian secondary school students.

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