Career Central is a leading online platform for student career pathway management.


Students Can:

  • Identify personal qualities, career values and skills.
  • Complete online career quizzes.
  • Browse, research and store jobs that they think will suit them.
  • Record extracurricular activities, work exposure activities, and, create a CV.
  • Message the Careers Team to book an interview, or make a request (e.g a reference for a job). 
  • View their interview notes.
  • Explore career resources and websites. 
  • Access student e-learning courses. 
  • Indicate intentions for the following year, including subjects they are considering or tertiary education.
  • Indicate interest in other programs (e.g gateway, taster courses, and trade academies.)
  • Set personal, education, and careers goals.

Careers Advisors Can: 

  • View each student’s individual responses from completed modules for deeper understanding and personalised career planning from the staff dashboard.
  • View career quiz results, and, career pathways and jobs of interest to students. 
  • Quickly search for and view similar groups of students to enable targeted, personalised communication. 
  • Generate student data stats and lists. 
  • Easily create tailored reports (e.g. for SET Planning).
  • Message targeted groups of students.
  • Access professional development opportunities.
  • Record student interview notes in the student’s individual profile.
  • Assign tasks to students.
  • Stay in contact with past students.



Differentiated Programme

Career Central offers schools the ability to differentiate the programme for different year levels. This means that year 9’s will see pages/modules relevant to them and as they move through to year 12 more and more pages can become visible. Schools also have the ability to customise what appears on each page which not only allows for differentiation based on age but also for tailored customisation to suit your school culture. 


School Wide Careers Education

Every school is unique, however there are often opportunities for schools to make time for students to create and update their Career Central profiles. 

Career Central empowers non-careers staff to have career discussions with students or to access information about the students intentions for academic conferencing.



When staff change at a school it is easy for information and knowledge to become lost. Career Central provides a place for all career related information to be stored. This means new staff can pick up where the previous person left off. Student career profiles provide information about students interests and intentions making it easier to build a relationship and providing a starting point for career and academic discussions.

Our Programme Options

Career Central offers two programmes to secondary schools within Australia. 

Career Central Assess 

  • About Me (Skills, Personal Qualities, Career Values, Work Exposure) 
  • Career Quizzes (Work Clusters, Future Pathways, Vocational Pathways & Personal Strengths)
  • Job Database, Job Research Tools & CV Builder

Career Central Premium: 

  • All Career Central Assess Features +
  • My Plans
  • Further Education Options
  • Goal Setting
  • Course Planning
  • School Leavers
  • Pathway Planning
  • Interviews
  • SET Plan Reporting
  • Advanced Stats, Lists & Reporting




Simple Sign Up Process

Our sign up process will have you transforming your schools career education in 4 easy steps.

*Time frame is indicative only and is subject to each applicant’s individual pace. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up just one year level?

Career Central is billed on a roll basis (Y9 – Y12, or Y10 - Y12 inclusive), You are welcome to only use it with one-year level, however we find after a school as trialed the programme they almost always roll it out to other year levels.

Can all school staff access Career Central?

Access to Career Central for non-careers staff is given by the Careers Department on an individual basis.

What does it cost to subscribe?

Career Central charges an annual subscription fee on a roll basis (Y9 - Y12, or, Y10 - Y12). The price list provides more detailed information.

What if I sign up mid-way through the school year?

No problem, Career Central's annual subscription cost will adjust to how many school terms are left in the school year. An annual subscription will be charged for the full year thereafter.

Do I have to pay for updates?

No, all updates are automatic and free of charge. This means you always experience the best version of Career Central without any interruption.

Transforming the way Career Education is delivered to students. 

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