How schools use Career Central:

Career Central has transformed the way Careers Education has been delivered to over 60,000 students to date.

One profile for the journey – from year 9 to Year 13

Career Advisors can hide Career Central modules from specific year levels. For example, most schools only make the ‘further education’ page visible to Year 12 and Year 13 as it is most relevant to them.

This means if a student begins his or her Career Central in Year 10, he or she will not only need to update their profile to reflect their changing interests and skills etc. but to complete the new modules available to them as they move up year levels.

Inside and Outside the Careers Department

Each school is individual with its best practice and requirements, and Career Central can be used however a school would like.

Here are a few examples of when schools are currently using Career Central:

  • Social Studies (Year 9 & 10)
  • English & Health Class (Year 11)
  • Group/form/whanau time
  • Study periods
  • Year 12/13 camp
  • Senior Education classes
  • Career Counselling
  • Academic Mentoring

Continuity after Careers staff changes

In 2014 we looked into 3 careers departments in schools where the staff turnover had been higher than 1FTE staff member for the past 2 years. There were a number of repetitive issues:

  • Relationships with students were lost and they felt they had no one to go to.
  • Student information was lost – each careers advisor had a different way of sorting and storing information which often results in a new careers advisor not having access.
  • Connections with tertiary providers and industry contacts got lost.
  • Knowledge of jobs and training courses got lost.

Career Central provides answers to all of these problems by providing a platform for keeping all careers information in one place. You have easy access to all student career plans as well as up to date information on jobs and training courses.

New careers advisors can step into the shoes of the previous advisor as they have information on students, jobs and courses at their fingertips. This allows them to build relationships much more quickly and gain students’ trust. You can also keep in touch with past students through Career Central, see where they are and get their feedback.


Allows me to centralise information – type interview notes that all staff can access easily. 

Paul Wilson

St.Pauls’ collegiate

Career Central is comprehensive without being overly complex. There is excellent support. The response rate is very quick and always positive.

Vicky Campbell

Craighead DIO

Students are most positive about the program. They find it straight forward and easy to navigate. It encourages students to take ownership of career planning.

Lucy Rogers

Sancta Maria College

The fact that academic counsellors and whanau teachers can see the information also gives a wider acknowledgement of career education.

Elizabeth van den Berg

Otamatea High School

Every student deserves school-wide, personalised career education.

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