Wonde Integration

Getting Started

1) Creating a School’s Wonde account

An email is sent from Wonde with a secure link for the school to create a main user account.

When taken to Wonde, the first step is to confirm that the user has the authority to approve access to school data stored in the SIS (Student Information System). If the user doesn’t have permissions, an additional screen is shown where the correct contact’s details can be added. A new email invite is then sent.

When the user who has the ability to approve access to school data clicks through to Wonde from the email received, the following additional details are required to complete the account creation:

2) Approving Apps

When the user first enters Wonde, they will be taken through to their ​Dashboard​ which will display all apps which are pending approval.

When the user clicks through to the pending approval, they’re taken through to a screen showing the data permissions requested by the app. Permissions are either required or optional.

If a group of permissions (i.e. Photo) is selected, the permissions are shown on an granular level. If any permissions are optional, the user has the ability to toggle them on/off. Any optional permissions will have a limited impact on the functionality of the app.

If the ​Approve access​ option is selected, an email approval receipt is sent to the school and to the app. The email receipt details the permissions, who approved them, their position and the date/time they were approved. If the ​Decline access​ option is chosen, the app will receive the relevant notification.

3) Integrating with the SIS

Once the app has been granted access, and if the school is new to Wonde, the user is taken to a page where the integration with the school’s SIS (i.e. Synergetic, TASS, Sentral etc.) can begin. The first step is for the user to select the type of SIS used by the school.

Depending on the MIS selected, the following step will either provide the user with a guide to complete the integration or arrange an appointment.

If the user selects the option to create an appointment, a booking system is displayed where a Wonde representative will make contact to assist with the process on the date/time selected.

4) Access Conrol

Wonde also provides a school with the ability to control exactly which individuals are accessed by the app. The Access Control tab is available in the top right of the page when viewing an app’s details.

There are three options available, with the ​first option​ allows all users associated to the permissions to be accessed.

If the school wishes to exclude certain individuals, the ​second option​ should be selected. The data associated to any individuals selected will not be passed on to the third party app.

If the school wishes to only include a small number of individuals, the ​third option​ should be selected. Only the data associated to the individuals selected will be passed onto the app, all other individuals will be excluded.

Questions ?

If you have any questions or would like further information please contact:

Email: support@wonde.com
Phone: 1 800 064 506
Web: wonde.com