Transforming the way Career Education is delivered to students.

Career Central gives Career Educators the power of the Digital Age.

Improves Careers Department Efficiency.

  • ¬†Streamlines administrative tasks.
  • Organises and stores student data into one place.
  • Generates reports and lists with just a click (E.g – 14% of Year 12 students are interest in a trades career).

Encourages School-wide Participation.

  • Offers 24/7 access on any device by students, teachers and careers advisors.
  • Provides information to empower staff to have career conversations.
  • Delivers career education online, the way that students expect.

Enables delivery of Personalised Planning.

  • Staff dashboard allows career educators to view and monitor individual career plans.
  • Easily groups similar students by year levels, career interests, and future plans for targeted communication.
  • Ensures no student misses out on relevant opportunities or receives irrelevant information.


Choose Career Central


Customised to suit Y9 to Y12 students


Intuitively designed and easy to use


Ongoing phone and email support

Give the power of the digital age to your school's Career Education program.