Your online platform for student career pathway management.

Improves Careers Department Efficiency.

  • Streamline administrative tasks.
  • Store student data in one place.
  • Generate lists with just a click.
  • Collect destination data and communicate with past students.

Encourages School-wide Participation.

  • 24/7 access on any device.
  • Provide information to empower staff to have career conversations.
  • Deliver career education online, the way that students expect.

Enables delivery of Personalised Planning.

  • Access to all individual career plans.
  • Groups students for targeted communication.
  • Ensures no student misses out on relevant, or, receives irrelevant, information.


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Customised to suit Y9 to Y12 students

Intuitively designed and easy to use

Ongoing phone and email support

Transforming the way Career Education is delivered to students. 

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